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CEVKO Supports Domestic Electric Car Manufacturing

CEVKO Supports Domestic Electric Car Manufacturing

CEVKO, the Turkish Environment Protection and Waste Foundation, urges domestic made electric car manufacturing due to featuring an outstanding pace in fighting climate change.


If the domestic made car would be produced with electric powertrain, it will be a crucial progress in fighting climate change of Turkey, CEVKO, the Turkish Environment Protection and Waste Foundation. The CEVKO also said they would support the vehicle in case of the vehicle would run electric powertrain.

Joining COP23, the UN Climate Change Conference where the problems of climate changes were discussed, became focal point of the participants with some 30 sessions. While the studies in sustainability and climate change also marbling and calligraphy practicing and local tastes have made up admiration at the Turkish pavilion.

Speaking about the meeting held by CEVKO related to production and climate change, Mete Imer, Secretary General of CEVKO, said they had addressed the issues which have been set with the Paris Agreement in 2015 to achieve at the conference with participation of 197 countries. Highlighting the steps that taken in Turkey in terms of the climate change were very positive, Imer recorded; “For example, the steps taken in renewables are very crucial and pleasing. How much quickly we can shift to renewable energy it would be importance so much.”

Fugen Soykut, Deputy Chairman of CEVKO, said they would act with slogan “Share Beauty with Everybody” to bring the world in a livable condition and they would like to be exemplary to other companies with the working group of CEVKO.

Reminding Claude Rumpler, the CEO of L’oreal, had determined to lower carbon emission 60% by 2020, Soykut stated they, as Turkey L’oreal, had accomplished that goal three years ago.

Ulku Ozeren, Environment and Sustainability Director of Istanbul Grand Airport, said; “We have saved energy accounting for energy consumption of 19 thousand homes per annum with green steps we have taken. Also water saving of 5,500 homes per annum.”

Indicating 31 people were working in environment team of the third airport, Ozeren said 7 out of those were ornithologists.


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