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Glow Plugs – How to understand the glow plug failure

Glow Plugs – How to understand the glow plug failure

This part is usually found in diesel vehicles. The glowing system is a part of the engine that is installed in the engine for ready operation. An icon of the instrument’s display lights for this track. One of the lit lights that you turn on is burning for the glow plugs. It is recommended that vehicles should not be operated without a light flashing and the light is off.

Because it causes the vehicle performance to decrease. If you turn the ignition without turning off the light, the vehicle will run later or it will not work.

How to understand the glow plug failure

Especially if your car is working hard in the morning or is not working, it is probably due to the breakdown of this part. It can also be caused by the distortion of this piece if it is percussive or jerky even if it works. These indications will make the operating system more comfortable when the engine reaches the required temperature even if the engine is running for the first time. Another symptom of this part being broken is that we can show a white smoke in the exhaust part of the vehicle. Glowing buggies are more than one in the car. The problem may be one or several.

It is checked according to a certain order whether there is a fault in the part. To carry out the control, the ignition must first be turned on. After that the insurance of the glow plug should be checked. Then the relay inside the glow plug must be checked to see if the required energy, 12 volts, is available.

And do the same for the glow plugs. If you notice something wrong with one of these controls, we can say that your glow plug is broken. If this part breaks down, it will work hard and jerky while the vehicle is running. Or you have to press for a longer time during the work.

What Happens When Glow Plugs Breaks

1 – Vehicle mornings are forced to work
2 – The vehicle may not work at all in cold weather
3 – Irregular operation at first start may have gas-feeding problems
4 – More smoke problems than normal
5 – Engine Fault Warning Lamp is lit.
6 – Fuel consumption increases.

All these indications can be seen at different levels according to the severity of the fault. The most common symptom is that it is always hard for the car to work and not for the car.

Whilst Faulty Glow Plug Tool to Use Continued Losses can Give Factors

If you continue to use the tool in this way, even though you are aware of the malfunction that has occurred in the glow plug, you should know that your car and your wallet will have some effects. These effects are;

1 – Fuel Consumption Increase:
When the boiler does not work, the fueling system will be affected while the engine is cold, especially when the engine is cold, and a large part of the fuel will be exhausted from the exhaust. For this reason, the performance of the vehicle will decrease while the fuel consumed without conversion to performance is caused by excessive consumption.

2 – Catalytic convector blockages:
Raw fuel is usually combustible in the catalyst. Catalytic convectors can reach thousands of degrees in terms of working principle, hundreds or even engine hot. This hot catalytic convective fuel burns in this part and can cause the part to block. The price of this item is very expensive, and if you do not change the glow plug, it is one of the most expensive expenses that you can afford.

3 – Starter Dinamosu Problems:
When the car is difficult to work in the morning, you will need to press more signs. This too much strain on the starter dynamo can sometimes lead to the possibility of failure.

4 – Battery Problems:
When too much mask is pressed, your fluid may weaken. And when it is completely exhausted, it will not retain its earlier performance if it is recharged.



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